Exploring the world
One tea at a time

Tempest Tea is a family owned and operated tea importer and retailer located in Brisbane, Queensland on Turrbal and Jagera/Yaggera country. Our teas and herbal infusions are sourced from the finest estates and growing regions around the world. Packed fresh and on demand, our subscription tea chests and loose leaf offerings are available throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Tempest Tea
Brewing a storm

Tea originated as a beverage in southern China a few thousand years ago and has since travelled to all corners of the globe. More than just a simple plant, tea is an agricultural commodity that has been deeply embedded in the processes of trade, commerce and industrialisation that have formed the modern world. Our name reflects the passion, politics and sometimes tempestuous nature of the millennia-long saga of tea. Our mission at Tempest Tea is to explore this deep and complicated history by delving deeper into the hidden stories behind our fantastic teas and herbal blends.

Like all great stories
It starts with a cup of tea

It was the transfixing amber hue of a simple cup of South African rooibos that sparked a lifelong fascination with tea and the other herbal beverages that play such important roles in our societies and cultures. Tea was then, and continues to be, at the heart of gatherings with family and friends. Just as we do with our own family, we want to share our passion and knowledge with our budding community of tea-lovers.

Our promise to you


Tea is cultivated and consumed by millions of people all over the world. We make a special effort to acquire a wide range of tea types, blends and herbal varieties so that you get to fully appreciate the breadth of craftmanship in teamaking and the diversity in flavour profiles on offer.


We are committed to sourcing ethically grown tea. Through the Ethical Tea Partnership we ensure that every effort is made to improve the sustainability of the industry through the fair treatment of workers, the protection of their livelihoods, the elimination of child labour and good practice growing processes.


We are constantly focussed on becoming a more environmentally sustainable business. We source teas that are grown in conditions that protect the environment, use fully recyclable materials in our packaging, post only the essentials to minimise our packaging footprint, and use carbon neutral shipping services.

Tempest Tea acknowledges the Turrbal and Jagera/Yaggera Peoples as Traditional Custodians of the lands where we live and work. We recognise their unique and continuing connections to the lands, waters and communities of these places. We pay our respects to their cultures and to their Elders past, present and emerging.